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Come Attend a Gardening Workshop in Person With Hélène

You live in Aylmer, Gatineau, and you'd love to meet me in person by attending of my 1-hour long workshops? Plus you'd love to pick my brain and ask all your gardening questions? You are in luck! The Partenaires du secteur Aylmer are offering you FREE gardening workshops with me! These are open to Aylmer residents of all ages and level of experience.  

These Workshops Are Offered to You 
for FREE by

The Partenaires du secteur Aylmer is a group that works with various organizations in the Aylmer sector of the City of Gatineau. Partner organizations mainly come from the public and parapublic spheres, as well as associations and communities. Their mission is to support the creation and synergy of environments favorable to a healthy lifestyle and the optimal development of the population and communities of the Aylmer sector.


These workshops are part of the project LETS CULTIVATE AYLMER - Create a community of sharing and initiation to urban agriculture in Aylmer.

The CISSSO kindly provided financial support for these workshops.

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Before I tell you all about the benefits you'll get from these workshops, let me tell you who this is for...
You're an aspiring or experienced gardener who is ready to upgrade your gardening knowledge by growing as much fresh food as possible in your space. 
You want to use organic methods, because you know it’s best for you and your family. You want to be able to boost up your food production, and maybe even start using a greenhouse to start seedlings and extend the gardening seasons . You would love to have the guidance of a professional who lives in your area and is an expert on organic methods of growing food all-year-round.

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Whether you...

  • feel so overwhelmed by the information online which are not always adequate for your region,

  • are scared of making mistakes that will lead to poor results and missed food growing opportunities, 

  • you have been struggling with insects that damage your garden, or

  • you don't want to use any chemical pesticides.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you how these workshops are going to give you the proven pathway, confidence you need on your journey to become much more efficient gardener that will produce more organic food so you can impact your health and the life of your neighbours, family and friends with whom you share your harvest with.


📅 Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

⏰ 6:30pm EDT

⌛About 1 hour

📍In the school yard of the St-Paul building of the École du village, 45 ch. Eardley, Gatineau.

This event is only available in French. 

During this workshop, we discuss how to enrich the soil for the first time organically at a lower cost, how to build a barrier against small pests, and how to reduce watering during hot summer days and when you're on vacation.

Join us to learn how to get a terrific head start with your own raised beds! ​

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📅 Thursday, June 6th, 2024

⏰ 6pm EDT

⌛About 1 hour

📍In the community garden outside the Groupe communautaire Deschenes​​, 55 Ch. Vanier, Gatineau, QC J9H 1Z4

This is a bilingual event.

It's important to recognize certain diseases that affect vegetable garden plants in order to take preventive measures and limit their spread and the damage they can cause.

Join us in-person to discover winning organic strategies to prevent and treat certain typical diseases that can affect your garden plants.

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Short,  high impact trainings to help you go from overwhelmed and unsure to confident and excited to start growing your own organic food. 


Each workshop has PDF a document to speed up your learning and stay focussed throughout the event when it's time to apply this precious knowledge at home.


I'll answer your questions and help you work through your specific situation at home using my engineering and gardening experience. 

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Meet Your  Instructor

Hélène Hébert was an award-winning research scientist, inventor and professional engineer in the nuclear industry for over a decade. She left this career when she moved to a First Nation reserve, where she completely fell in love with food security. This is where she began designing her own indoor gardens, growing her organic food both indoors and out, and researching all-year-round gardening. Her researcher skills are put to good use when selecting the right approach for her students' gardens. She teaches complex concepts in simple ways so that gardening becomes enjoyable for all her students, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. 

Hélène is now one of the Top 9 Gardeners in Ottawa (The Best in Ottawa). She is the creator of the Indoor Gardening Academy and the All-Year-Round Gardening School, two fully comprehensive online programs that teach new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently grow organic food and harvest it every month of the year, even under the snow. She has also been teaching free in-person gardening workshops to gardeners of all ages and level of experience. These workshops are graciously offered to you by local non-profit organisations.

Her workshops are presented in 1-hour high-impact, fun lessons that will completely transform the way you grow your organic food at home all-year-round!

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