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Welcome to the   Replay Bank 

This event is now over and the limited time to watch the replay has expired....BUT you can get this amazing training as part of my digital course the INDOOR GARDENING ACADEMY! Click on any button on this page to be redirected to the Indoor Gardening Academy.

You couldn't make it to my Live Masterclass? You would just like to review something even though you attended live? Don't worry, I've got you! You can watch the replay here until Saturday March 2nd at 9pm EST. It's time to get your seedlings weathered for all-year-round gardening!


Catch the Replay Here

Welcome to my free Masterclass Weathering Seedlings for All-Year-Round Gardening! Catch the replay and learn how to get your seedlings fully ready to be planted outdoors for your spring, summer, fall and winter garden. 


Indoor Gardening Academy

You'd like to get more support from me to grow food indoors or produce seedlings for your outdoor garden? You're in luck because the enrollments are open for the Indoor Gardening Academy! Indoor Garden Academy is a fully comprehensive online program that teaches new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently grow fresh organic food in abundance indoors (without having to worry about money, time or the space to be successful). You should check it out by clicking on the bottom below! I offer this course in English and in French. And if you sign up before March 7th at 9pm EST, you get a $50 CAD discount!


You have questions and would like to meet with me

Please don't hesitate to email me at if you would like to meet with me to see if the Indoor Gardening Academy would be a good fit for you. It would be my pleasure to meet you on Zoom and assist you with you decision. 

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