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Gardening Consultation

It's Always A Great Time To Grow Food

Having a green thumb is a myth. Regardless of whether you have experience or not, I am there to accompany you on your gardening journey, train you and simplify your life. You can have a small living space or a large one, live in an apartment or a house; there is always a place where you can grow edible plants indoors and out.

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Indoor Gardening

I can design an indoor garden that meets your needs and budget, with grow lights and natural light. I can drop it off at your doorstep (in the Gatineau or Ottawa area), install it in your home or virtually guide you through the installation process.  With my advice, you will learn to start your plants from seeds and prevent common problems related to indoor gardening. Your plants will be strong and healthy, so you can keep them indoors and harvest them as needed, or transplant them to your outdoor garden.

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Outdoor Gardening

You don't need to fight with weeds and water your garden several times a week. I can teach you simple ways to get rid of these tedious tasks so you can spend more time harvesting your garden. I can also teach you to prevent pest issues without using pesticides and how to turn your kitchen scraps into rich compost for your garden. I can work with you in your garden, bringing all the materials needed, or offer you the consultation online.


Extending The Gardening Season

Harvesting food under the ice and snow is an experience that feels truly magical! You don't need to start planting in early summer anymore. If you want to experience harvesting food from your yard all-year-round, I would be so excited to teach you and provide you with the equipment you need. It's so simple and fun!


We Are By Your Side Every Step of The Way

Avoid getting overwhelmed by all the information available online by taking a digital course with Hélène. This will simplify your gardening experience, whether you are an aspiring gardener or an experienced one.

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Indoor Gardening Academy

Learn To Grow Your Organic Food All-year-round

Indoor Garden Academy is a fully comprehensive online program that teaches new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently grow fresh organic food in abundance indoors (without having to worry about money, time or the space to be successful).


Introduction to Outdoor Gardening

Learn where and how to dig a garden and how to ensure your soil becomes richer each year. I will teach you what materials and tools you need and the best techniques to improve your soil quality so that you get a great start.


Extending The Gardening Season

Learn how to build low tunnels to harvest food all-year-round, even under the ice and snow. This course takes you through all the steps to plant the food you wish to enjoy through each season.

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