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Building a New Garden  Bed To Grow Food More Densely With Hélène

Discover a technique of building garden beds that is drastically different from what your grandparents taught you and allows you to plant 5x more food in the same space. Plus, it works wonders even in clay-rich soil! Join me online for my new FREE Masterclass: Building a New Garden Bed To Grow Food More Densely!

Before I dive into the benefits you'll gain from this Masterclass, let's pinpoint exactly who this is for...

  • You're an aspiring gardener eager to build your garden but you are not sure where to begin, or

  • You're an experienced gardener eager to expand your garden to grow your own food.

  • You would love to increase food production in your available space, and the concept of bio-intensive gardening excites you.

  • You're concerned about soil quality and unsure if it's suitable for successful gardening.

  • While your garden may feature traditional furrows, you're open to exploring more efficient cultivation methods.

  • When it comes to tools, you're uncertain about which ones are essential and whether a rototiller is necessary for soil preparation.

Summer Garden Beds_2023.HEIC

Get ready to elevate your gardening knowledge with techniques inspired by market gardeners, and transform your backyard into a bountiful source of fresh food!

As summer approaches, it's time to get organized and arm yourself with the knowledge to grow more food efficiently.

This FREE Masterclass Will Set You Up For Success If You...

  • are scared of making mistakes that will lead to poor results,

  • have tried growing food in your soil but feel that it failed miserably. You have no idea how to fix the problems and wished you had a pathway to follow that works for your type of soil,

  • want your kids and grandkids to learn alongside you so they know where their food comes from and develop a deeper connection to nature,

  • want to involve your family in the gardening process,

  • are dreaming of having some gardening therapy in your life (there is never too much of this),

  • wish there was an easier-to-follow path to grow an abundance of food successfully.


Join me and discover a pathway to successful gardening, designed to work for your soil type. With step-by-step instructions and expert guidance, you'll gain the confidence to become a more efficient gardener and produce an abundance of organic food. Plus, by sharing your harvest with neighbors, family, and friends, you'll make a positive impact on the health and well-being of those around you.


Short, high impact training to help you go from overwhelmed and unsure to confident and excited to start growing your own organic food. This Masterclass is pre-recorded so you can watch it anytime.


You receive a PDF document to speed up your learning and stay focussed throughout the event so you know exactly what to do when it's time to apply this precious knowledge at home.

Meet Your Instructor_2023.HEIC
Meet Your  Instructor

Hélène Hébert was an award-winning research scientist, inventor and professional engineer in the nuclear industry for over a decade. She left this career when she moved to a First Nation reserve, where she completely fell in love with food security. This is where she began designing her own indoor gardens, growing her organic food both indoors and out, and researching all-year-round gardening. Her researcher skills are put to good use when selecting the right approach for her students' gardens. She teaches complex concepts in simple ways so that gardening becomes enjoyable for all her students, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. 

Hélène is now one of the Top 9 Gardeners in Ottawa (The Best in Ottawa). She is the creator of the Indoor Gardening Academy and the All-Year-Round Gardening School, two fully comprehensive online programs that teach new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently grow organic food and harvest it every month of the year, even under the snow. She has also been teaching in-person gardening workshops and online Masterclasses to gardeners of all ages and level of experience. 

Her Masterclass is presented in a 1-hour high-impact, fun lesson that will completely transform the way you grow your organic food at home all-year-round!

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By the end of this free Masterclass you will know which tools you need, what materials to get and how to build a new garden bed or extend an existing one with the purpose of growing more food in your space, regardless of your current soil quality.

This Masterclass is offered in English and in French. Just hop on the session of your choice. 

In French: 

In English: 

Frequently Asked Questions

01: Can I watch the Masterclass anytime?

Yes, the replay is now available when you sign up. You will receive a link to a replay page via email.

02: Can I attend this Masterclass in French rather than in English?

Yes you can. All you have to do is click on the French button above to sign up. 

03: How long is this Masterclass going to be?

It lasts about 1 hour. You should sign up!

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