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All-Year-Round Gardening Academy

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Extend the Gardening Seasons With Low Tunnels
All-Year-Round Gardening School is a fully comprehensive online program that teaches new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently extend the gardening season using low tunnels and organic techniques to produce organic food even under the snow.

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Before I tell you how this program will help you take your gardening skills to the next level, let me tell you who this is for...
You're an aspiring or experienced gardener who is ready to make a major shift by growing fresh food indoors that is free of pesticides, because you know it’s best for you. You want to be able to harvest all-year-round, regardless of the weather.

Wether you...

  • feel so overwhelmed by the number of indoor garden options,

  • are scared of making all the mistakes in the book once you start growing food.

  • have tried doing indoor gardening, it failed and now you feel like you’re a plant killer. You don’t know what you did wrong and have no idea how to fix the problems.

  • want your kids to know where their food comes from and would love to have a fun, educational activity with your family.

  • are dreaming of having some gardening therapy in your life.

  • wish there was an easy-to-follow path to grow an abundance of food successfully.

You're in the right place, and I'm going to tell you how Indoor Business Academy is going to give you the tools, proven pathway, confidence and continuous support you need on your journey to become an all-year-round gardener that will impact other  neighbours, family and friends.

By the end of this program, you will have...

Designed your garden for all 4 seasons to maximize your harvest.
You can finally stop wondering if you are planting the wrong food variety at the wrong time of the year and risk losing your harvest.

Knowledge of all the materials and techniques to build low tunnels 
within your budget, allowing you to grow more food all-year-round, even under the snow.

Healthier soil
from gardening practices that regenerate its health rather than depleting it.

Learned which organic amendments to use and where to source them.
This allows you to AVOID pesticides and insecticides on your garden while increasing the amount of food you harvest from your garden. 

More time to harvest rather than maintain your garden.
Less watering, weeding, and controlling insects and diseases. You finally get to spend more time doing what you really love. 

All-Year-Round Gardening School Is a Game Changer
this course will never be offered at this low price again! 

Get in before the doors close on April 7th, 2023!







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Hélène is a gardening goddess. She fearlessly pushes the boundaries of at-home cultivation in the Outaouais. Her advice is sound; her techniques are proven by year-round abundance!

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Amy Riv

I have had some sort of vegetable garden for over 10 years so I'm not a newbie but Helene is a MASTER. Her approach increases productivity, yield and the gardening season. Really happy to have engaged her for some assistance in learning about winter gardening and excited to apply what I've learned in the upcoming season and in years to come. On top of it, she is a super kind, approachable person who really makes gardening accessible to all.


Melissa Pennarun

It worked! I’m so happy and amazed. Even my son’s pepper plants, bean plant and marigold survived - and they look healthy, too. Thank you for what you’re doing. You’ve figured out a way to beat Winter.

Harold Blais_Testimonial_2022.HEIC

Harold Blais

Hi Helene, I was just thinking about you and sending you waves of gratitude!. I was in my hoop garden picking arugula and kale! We had a great season and appreciated all your input.

My Students and Customers Are Now Growing Organic Food All-Year-Round

You  Have What It Takes To Follow Your Dreams

If you've been struggling to start growing food indoors because you have no idea what equipment you need, or you tried, it didn’t work, so now you feel like a plant killer, you’re in the right place! You are so confused as for when to plant seeds indoors if you want to grow food all-year-round? I've got your back! After almost a decade growing organic food indoors and designing my own indoor gardens, I know how to design and build an indoor garden that can produce a lot of food, fit in your space and your budget. I’m going to break all the steps for you in this course, and we will design together your own custom-made planting calendar.

The Academy is for you if:

  • You've been dreaming of growing your own organic food indoors in soil but are afraid to take the first step.

  • You want to harvest food indoors any time of the year.

  • You want to grow your own seedlings to produce more food in your outdoor garden all-year-round to boost production by A LOT.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the indoor garden options online, which seem very pricy and confusing.

  • You have no idea what equipment you need and don't want to waste money on the wrong equipment.

  • You feel discouraged by your past indoor gardening experiences and don’t know what went wrong.

  • You want to invite nature into your space and be proud of the abundance of food YOU could grow in it.

  • You're ready to start making amazing memories and enjoy gardening therapy.

If you see yourself in this, then sign up for the Indoor Gardening Academy!



From designing your own indoor garden and your planting calendar for all-year-round gardening, to selecting your seeds, learning the techniques to plant them for maximum growth AND how to prevent nasty problems like bugs and diseases,  we see it all in Indoor Gardening Academy!


Short, fast and high impact Live trainings to help you go from overwhelmed and unsure to confident and excited to start growing your own organic food indoors. The training is also recorded so you can watch it on replay anytime.


Over 7 weeks, I'll answer your questions and help you work through your design using my engineering and gardening experience. The Live Q&A are recorded too, so you don't have to stress about missing a session. You can always catch up.


Each modules has several PDFs you can download to speed up your learning so you get to have beautiful crops growing indoors more quickly.

Meet Your  Instructor

Hélène Hébert was an award-winning research scientist, inventor and professional engineer in the nuclear industry for over a decade. She left this career when she moved to a First Nation reserve, where she completely fell in love with food security. This is where she began designing her own indoor gardens, growing her organic food both indoors and out, and researching all-year-round gardening. Her researcher skills are put to good use when selecting the right approach for her clients' gardens. She teaches complex concepts in simple ways so that gardening becomes enjoyable for all her clients and students, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. 

Hélène is the creator of the All-Year-Round Gardening School, a fully comprehensive online program that teaches new and experienced gardeners alike how to confidently extend the gardening season using low tunnels and organic techniques to produce organic food even under the snow. Within All-Year-Round Gardening School, Hélène teaches you... ??????

These decisions are presented in short, high-impact and fun lessons so you can finally move forward with confidence and start growing your organic food at home all-year-round!

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The doors to the Academy are currently closed. But don't worry, you can hop on the waitlist to reserve your spot for the Fall.
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