Get To Know Hélène

A Strong Calling for Food Security

I was an award-winning research scientist, inventor and professional engineer in the nuclear industry for over a decade. I left this career when I moved to a First Nation reserve, where I completely fell in love with food security. I created a non-profit organization with Indigenous people living on and off-reserve and became the organization's volunteer treasurer.  I still volunteer my time with this organization that passes on traditional food knowledge from Elders to younger generations. 

While living on reserve, I studied bio-intensive techniques used by market gardeners and began developing my approach based on stewarding healthy soil. I use no-till techniques, no pesticides or herbicides. I incorporate companion planting into every garden I touch. My researcher skills are put to good use when selecting the right approach for my clients' gardens.  I teach complex concepts in simple ways so that gardening becomes enjoyable for all my clients, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience.