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Hello, I'm Hélène.

I teach aspiring and experienced gardeners how to live more sustainably by growing more food at home indoors and out all-year-round.  

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Level Up Your Gardening Skills
With These FREE Resources

FREE Resources

Are you curious to know your Organic Indoor Gardening Type?

Knowing your gardening type is important because it affects the cost of your investment and the size of your indoor garden.

Take this 2-min long QUIZ to get the answer and download your free list of the best foods to grow indoors based on your gardening type.


You would like to build a new garden or extend an existing one?

Discover a technique of building garden beds that allows you to plant 5 times more food in the same space. Plus, it works wonders even in clay-rich soil! 

Join me online for my new FREE Masterclass: 
Building a New Garden Bed To Grow Food More Densely



Hélène’s love for gardening is contagious and her curiosity for expanding gardening knowledge is insatiable. She’s innovative, encouraging, and as “real” as you’d expect from a busy mom of two. After just a few consultations with her, I’ve managed my weed situation, improved my soil quality dramatically (and know how to keep it up) and have found pleasure in gardening again. I’m looking forward to an early spring garden, a bountiful summer, and an extended garden season, thanks to Hélène.

Karolina Skupien

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Hélène is a true passionate, always ready to share her knowledge and was able to clearly answer my numerous questions! Her solutions are simple, efficient and well thought out. I can't wait to see my new garden bear fruit!

Isabelle Dutil


I met Hélène when she was working in my friend's garden. I was immediately impressed by her techniques. The next week, she came to nourish the soil of my garden. It's so frustrating to work hard in the spring only to harvest a few veggies. Most of the time, I realize my soil is too depleted. Hélène and her team built garden beds and pathways in my garden and prepared everything for the winter. My garden is now ready to have transplants put in under a low tunnel in mid-March. I'm so looking forward to it! Thank you Hélène for your knowledge and especially for sharing them. Hélène is a very nice person with whom we feel comfortable to ask any garden-related questions.

Françoise Gagnon

About Hélène

My Story

I learned to do indoor gardening while I was living in a Northern First Nation reserve and found myself trying to figure out how to feed my family a better variety of fresh food. Thus began my journey of self-sustainability and growing food all-year-round.

I have a unique, on-going relationship with my clients in order to understand their dreams of growing food at home, simplify their whole gardening experience and inspire them to create their gardening vision. I apply all the techniques I teach in my garden and use all the materials I recommend to my clients with amazing results.

My passion for growing food at home is so contagious that your learning experience becomes effortless, brings you joy and increases your self-confidence.

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The Answers You Need

What if I am not satisfied with Hélène Hébert compagnie?

If you are not satisfied with a product you purchased within 30 days, you will get a full refund.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

I offers first-time customers a free 20-min consultation to get to know you, your gardening dreams, and where you need my help.

I live too far away from Gatineau to meet you in person. Can you still assist me?

Yes, I can. I provide online consultations and digital courses, you can access for a lifetime.  

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